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amadana focuses on the manufacture of a product we can feel affectionate about for a longer time, reflecting and enriching the user's way of life. We live in the midst of restlessly changing urban life, overburdened with things and information. In carrying over the inheritance of traditional Japanese beauty and technology into the current century, the company is going global in the expectation that amadana brands can propose a fresh life style. amadana is hoping to realize the dream that its electrical products will become symbols of the 21st century Japan and become linked in peoplefs minds as strongly as japanned lacquerware and china which are called after their countries of origin.

amadana was founded in October 2003 in the Japanese capital of Tokyo with the intention of making worldwide consumers feel enthusiastic about its electronic brands. By taking advantage of powerful technology, product designing and technological refinement. Japan takes pride in its strong foothold in the world. amadana is taking up the challenge of creating an original electronics product capable of presenting consumers with delight and surprise

amadana first introduced a new model of an electronic calculator in 2004. Up until this point, all that was asked of a calculator was merely compactness and ease of use. The amadana brand, however, comes with the added emphasis of good design, an unprecedented concept for this sort of product. This essential addition gives a sense of pleasure of product ownership and helps accentuate the consumer environment by allowing the object to be visually enjoyed as a part of an interior design. This design concept adds an extra meaning to the product, enhancing the lifestyle of the owner. amadana next began breathing new life into household appliances including microwaves, refrigerators and coffee makers in its new successive series, designed to add color and beauty to everyday life. The company is pleased to say that these new products have instantly attracted numerous people, becoming firm favorites, and even won the honor of being exhibited in the prestigious Milano Salone Informazionale de Mobile in Italy in 2005.

In 2007 amadana collaborated with NEC to manufacture a mobile phone with a totally unprecedented design. The brand proved to be a market hit with immense popularity, to be followed by an additional series planned for the future. In 2009 the company marketed the pocket video camera gSALh as a casual line of amadana. The camera is easy to use and allows the user to shoot and share videos with others without any difficulty at all.

As of 2012 amadana is entering its second stage of proposing a fresh lifestyle to the consumer world through electronic products. The company is adding to the market one innovative series after another. As well as the original lineup of exciting new products, a challenging endeavor to integrate electronics with fashion


What is amadana seeking?

The innovative tradition of japan

Just as Chinese ceramics are called china, Japanese lacquer-ware was once called japan in English and was treasured by the European upper classes. The lacquer-ware was used for a variety of utensils with thousands of years of refinement traced back to ancient Japan, a culture born from the unison between the aesthetic sense and technology of the nation. This lifestyle, aesthetic sense and technology is possible in Japan alone, and nowhere else. amadanafs electronic brands are the very incarnation of these three factors.

There is beauty with depth without pretension, yet distinguished by unprecedented novelty and an appreciation of high-quality materials. It is possible to compare amadanafs concept of ga fusion of tradition and constant innovationh with the gravitational power of the aesthetic secrets of Japanese lacquer-ware. Just as the traditional Japanese house, tea-ceremony chamber and box garden are designed to form a world view by making most of small space, amadana products are designed to come alive with the sense of ancient Japanese lifestyle and aestheticism.

Nonetheless, powerful amadana designs never sacrifice functionality. Each of its products comes with superior efficiency and functions by integrating state-of-the-art technology. Understandably, amadana is creating great excitement and gaining popularity from people feeling dissatisfied with common Japanese household appliances.

The name amadana refers to a regional cluster of lacquer-ware vendors in the pre-industrial Japanese era of Edo (the old name of Tokyo).