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REALFLEET Co.,Ltd. announces its original total home appliances (KADEN) brand "amadana" opens the first company store at Nakameguro, Tokyo (in the shopping mall BALS STORE) on 7th October, 2005.
As described later in the shop design concept, even though it is called a shop, it would provide the space for visitors to feel the products of amadana. The most certainly, it plays the role of the show room where customers can actually touch and use its products and the purpose of this shop is to create the interface between customers and the totally new KADEN "amadana," in alliance with the partnerships (of the retail shops) while proposing the utopia of KADEN shop beyond what just a normal company store can do.
There are key elements for amadana to gain the position of the total KADEN brand. One is to expand the line of products, and the other is to establish the original sales channel.
The grand opening of this company store is the significant first step to achieve those, that we have longed.
The opening of Nakameguro shop as the starter, we are opening Omotesando shop (Shibuya, Tokyo) in February 2006, where to be the base of the information transmitting to the rest of the world, and six shops more to be launched by year 2008 are coming.
TEL 00-39-2-29002674
ADD. corso como,10 Milan 20154, Italy
available items:
LC-104 Electronic Calculator
PE-117 Earphone
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