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Desktop Audio

Compact all-in-one-type desktop audio

High-quality sound and various functions for enjoying music are combined in a beautiful 20-cm cube that exceeds the image of an "audio instrument." On your desk or table and at the bedside, you can create a new relationship with music in your life.

Rich, varied sound produced by two speakers (coaxial 2-way speaker + BBE) that exceed others of the same class.

Amazing high-quality sound produced by the compact cube. You can enjoy a wide range of audio from live jazz to club music with a beat.
<Equipped with a coaxial 2-way speaker that realizes a natural sound field>

The clean air with minus ions that often generate near forests and waterfalls refreshes you and delivers the pleasant breeze to your room.
<Equipped with a BBE sound processor that faithfully recreates the original sound>

Generally, smaller speakers tend to have noticeably lower sound quality such as mumbling sound. The BBE sound processor solves this problem and recreates the original sound.
<Equipped with a digital amp that eliminates sound deterioration>

A noise or sound distortion occurs when an analog amp amplifies a small sound signal several ten times larger. On the other hand, a digital amp amplifies the signal generated from CD players, etc. without sound deterioration.

Place it where you want to listen to it

Use this product as your private audio instrument in all situations such as office desktop, living room, kitchen, and bedside.
<High extensibility with input/output to external equipment>

A stereo pin jack is used as input and a stereo mini jack is implemented as output. You can enjoy a music database downloaded to hard disk players such as iPod using amadana desktop audio. In addition, if you have speakers with built-in amplifiers, you can output the sound to them..
<Wake-up alarm function>

Equipped with an LED clock and alarm/snooze function. You can wake up to your favorite music for bedside audio use. Further, it is equipped with a sleep function that automatically turns off the power*, so you can fall asleep as you listen to music. *Programmable to a 30-, 60-, and 90-minute timer.
<Joy of operation>

Amanda desktop audio has adopted "feather touch" switches that can be operated with a light fingertip touch to realize the stylish cube shape. The flat switches with a smooth surface, combined with the texture of acrylic, look stylish and are a joy to operate.
Model number AD-103
Color (B) Black, (W) White, (R) Red
Price 48,300 yen (price before tax: 46,000 yen)
Rating 100 - 240 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz
Input/Output terminal AUX IN pin jack
LINE OUT stereo mini jack
PHONES stereo mini jack 32 or more
Outer dimensions (mm) Width 190 x Height 190 x Depth 190
Weight Approx. 4.1 kg
Other functions 1. The compact body is equipped with three speakers. Plays full-scale stereo audio range.
2. CD player / FM/AM radio / Alarm clock
3. Equipped with wake-up timer with snooze function convenient for bedside use.
Note: The design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.