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The amadana Brand Book Vol.1
  1- "Tokyo's home electrical appliances"

Tokyo, a unique city rarely found around the world
The origin of amadana's philosophy to develop products lies here.
2- "amadana Products"

You can see all the lineups of amadana, a general home electric appliance brand.
3-"The story of amadana"

The whole anecdote, an untold story about the way to the birth of amadana
[Other functions]

Warbler Switch, All golden book, Serial number impressed, In both English and Japanese
  About "amadana Brand Book Vol. 1" (BB-150)
Tokyo's home electrical appliances

Purchasing something, producing some products, there always exist reasons for such actions.
There is an image of purchasers in the mind of creator to provide what they would like to have.
But there are tens of thousands of different purchasers.
When we say thousands or ten thousand, all the sharp edges seem to disappear and a round form seems to appear.
Tokyo is a unique city rarely seen in the world.
Tokyo is a Japanese city, yet not Japanese.
Confined living spaces, disorderly city scenery and overworked workers.
Tokyo has its own lifestyle.
Even when Japan wishes round things, will Tokyo be satisfied with them?
Tokyo is in action around the clock.
Midnight in Tokyo is noon in New York and early evening in Europe.
In Tokyo, there are a host of people who are dreaming in their sleep while others are working.
There are those who take their work home with them, while others work at home. There are those who work while they commute, and there are those who amuse themselves while they commute.
Tokyo has its own lifestyle.
There are things Tokyo wishes because it is a metropolis, and things Tokyo alone needs.
The starting point of product development at amadana is always in these ideas.
(Extract from Page 9 in amadana Brand Book)
  "amadana Brand Book Vol. 1" filled with all of amadana brands is now available. This is a sale of only 500 limited edition copies offered to the whole world. This brand book goes beyond the mere ordinary catalogues and is a condensation of amadana's world view, untold stories in the birth of amadana and other information not usually told publicly nevertheless show amadana in its true colors. Furthermore, this book is designed using a great many visual images so that you can enjoy it as an art book.
  [Product specification of amadana Brand Book Vol. 1]

"The land of gold, Zipangu" This has been finished in all-gold binding specification. You can enjoy not only reading and looking at this book but hidden gimmicks through touching and feeling.

Model number: BB-150
Total number of pages: 168
Size (mm): Width approx. 220 ~ Depth approx. 235 ~ Height 20
Weight: Approx. 1020g
Notation: Japanese/English
Expected price: \10,000 (price before tax), \10,500 (price after tax)
Release date: June (expected)



"Warbler Switch"
When you press the amadana's logo embossed on the front cover, you will......

"Serial number"
Each book has its serial number to prove it is one of the limited edition books.

  "Tokyo's home electrical appliances"

Technology, aesthetic sense and lifestyle unique to Japan. This is the base of the development of logical home appliances at amadana.

  "King of home electrical appliances"

The king of the land of home electrical appliances ordered the rip-off artist to make. What! The finished
electrical appliance is just like those made in the neighboring country!? An original fable told in the land of home electrical appliances. A sensational story which is a fantasy and yet points out the quintessence of creating objects.

  "amadana Products"

Every product in the line-up of the general home electrical appliance brand amadana is presented here. You can see them in the daily cycle of 24 hours.

  "The story of amadana"

A long non-fiction story presenting untold anecdotes from the period on the way to amadana's birth.

Model number BB-150
Number of issues 500 limited copies
Color Gold
Outer dimensions (mm) Width approx. 220 ~ Depth approx. 235 ~ Height 20
Weight Approx.1020 g
Power supply 2 button type batteries (CR2025)
Number of pages 168 pages
Tentative price 10,000 yen (price before tax) 10,500 yen (price after tax)