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Multi Remote Control Unit
Eliminating unnecessary buttons and function.Advocate the user-friendly operation with minimum key placement.

There are many buttons/function keys of remote controllers you have never used before at home.  We minimize the number of key buttons by practicality and improve operation ability with simple design.
We focus the texture of body when you hold it and the touch of click when you operate it.

The body part is made of zinc die cast.  We archive the feel of solidness as you hold it by your hand. We completely stick to bring about the feel of operation as you click the button.
We believe the remote controller plays the major roll of HOME APPLIANCES that produce your living space brilliant .
The preset remote controller that can combine TV, VTR, DVD remote controllers of various brands into one unit clearly.

Preset remote controller can set up your TV, VTR and DVD remote controllers into one controller to operate by inputting the memories remote control date of major brands in advance.
This product covers almost of all domestic makers and unifies the various kinds of controllers into one device.
Model number CR-102
Color Black (B)/Gray (G)/White (W)
Price 12,600yeniinclusive of tax 5%j
Power supply AAA Dry cell X2
Performing distance about 5m
Dimensions (cm) Width 3.5 X Depth 2.0 X Height 24.0

TV, VTR and DVD Preset code listCorresponding list of manufactured date by makers.

The list of years below is measure for corresponding years.
However, it does not guarantee the devices correspond to this product 100% after following year of the list below (DVD is 2002).

AIWA e96` e96` ~
JVC e87` e84` ›
NEC e90` e90` ~
SHARP e89` e87` ›
SONY With R mark With R mark ›
PIONEER e90` ~ ›
PHILIPS e96` e96` ›
MITSUBISHI e87` e88` ›
SANYO e88` e87` ~
National / Panasonic e87` e85` ›
FUNAI e90` e87` ›
TOSHIBA e85` e86` ›
HITACHI e86` e86` ›
FUJITSU GENERAL e87` ~ ~
* PlayStation 2 operation check has been finished


* The pre-set code is not subject to the block registration by the industry and based on the result of our own research. 
It is pretty rare case but it may cause malfunction due to the change of code setting by makers.
We recommend checking the maker of remote controllers you are using for the change of code setting.
* It corresponds to 2003 model also but there is a possibility of malfunction on record button.