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Personal Shredder
A stylish shredder

Nowadays, shredders are essential for everybody to prevent leakage of confidential information. This product is not only used for managing information, but it's also designed to fit well in your living space. This personal shredder is compact but has high performance in shredding paper and it's quiet, too.
<Quiet design>

To avoid the noise of paper being shredded, it employs top-class quiet design. Other than for office use, it can also be used at home because it doesn't make a bothersome noise.
<Cuts 5 pieces of paper at a time>

Even though it is compact, it can cut 5 pieces of paper at a time. In addition, is there is a paper jam, it's equipped with a REVERSE switch so that you can take out the paper with ease.
< Allows 5 minutes of continuous running>

With 5 minutes of continuous running, you can shred piles of documents at the same time. Be careful not to shred important documents by mistake.
<Safe cross-cutting>

Employing cross-cutting, even documents with small script are safe. This product can shred confidential papers and private documents into small pieces to prevent leakage of information.
A shredder that fits in a variety of places

This shredder can prevent leakage of the confidential information of your office as well as reduce the amount of trash. It is designed to be set beside your desk and allows you to manage your information safely.
<Living room>

The amadana personal shredder is also designed to be set in your living room. Its design is precisely calculated so that even the shredded paper looks neat.
Model number DS-106
Color (B) Black, (W) White
Price 19,950 yen (price before tax 19,000yen)
Rating@ 100 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Outer dimensions (mm) Width 322 ~ Height 360 ~ Depth 190
Weight Approx. 5.3 kg
Other functions 1DEmploys quiet design, without the bothersome noise of paper being shredded
2DCross-cuts 5 pieces of paper at a time / 5 minutes' continuous running
3DEquipped with a REVERSE switch to eliminate paper jams
Note: The design and specifications may change without prior notice.