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Humidifier with the appearance of water

Unlike the traditional "place-it-on-the-floor" style, the amadana humidifier is designed and sized to be placed on a desk or table. The water in the tank looks wonderful, refreshing your eyes as well as the room
<Safe vaporizing style>

The steam from the vaporizing-style humidifier does not get hot, so there is no danger of scalding. It can be safely used by families with small children or pets. Also, if the unit tips over, its safety design automatically turns off the power.
<Compact design unique to the vaporizing style>

Because of its simple structure, which is characteristic of the vaporizing-style humidifier, it is very lightweight and compact. You can easily move it around. It also fits well on your table so you can always use it where you are.
<For humidifying only around your desk or bedside>

It can humidify only the place around you when placed on your desk or bedside. Unlike large humidifiers designed to humidify for the whole room, it does not waste energy.
  Use it on these occasions:
<In the winter when the air is dry>

Of the four seasons, the air gets especially dry in the winter.
This product will create a comfortable atmosphere in your living room and bedroom.
<In the summer office when the air dries out due to air-conditioning>

Due to air-conditioning, the air in the office on a summer's day is very dry.
This product is a must especially for ladies who care about their complexion.
<For those with dry, delicate skin>

In a room with dry air, dust tends to rise. Breathing air filled with dust may damage your health. By humidifying the room, it can prevent dust from rising, as well as maintaining the moisture level of your skin.
Fragrance for everyday life

The amadana humidifier is equipped with an aroma tray. Relax with amadana home fragrance.
The scent slowly fills your room by the wind created by the fan. You can feel the natural scent of the aroma.
ARIA <Refreshing note of a spring breeze>(Citrus, green note)
AQUA <Fresh note with a feeling of vitality>(Green and marine notes)
FUOCO <A vitalizing note>(Sandalwood, oriental note)
PROVENCE <Pure note of a mountain breeze>(Lavender, thyme)
Aromatherapy is a technique handed down from the ancient times to aid relaxation using scent, for both mental and physical well-being.
Resulting from the evolution of aromatherapy, this home fragrance for various rooms was born of craftsmanship and pure ingredients lovingly combined.
Enjoy this delicate, unique fragrance.
* The price of the aroma essence is not included in the selling price.
* Please refrain from using other manufacturers' aroma oils since the ingredients may damage the material of the aroma tray.
Model number FH-109
Color (B)Black, (v)White, (R)Red
Price 24,150 yen (Tax excluded \23,000)
Rating@ 100 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Timer 1 hour/3 hours
Amount of humidity 140 ml/h (HI), 60 ml/h (LOW)
Continuous running hours Approx. 8 hours (HI), Approx. 16 hours (LOW)
Capacity of tank Approx. 1 L
Outer dimensions (mm) Width 208~Height 208~Depth 208
Weight Approx. 2.4 kg
Other functions 1)Adopts clean, safe vaporizing style with compact design
2)Equipped with an aroma tray so you can enjoy your favorite scent
3)Tip-over stop device for safety
NoteF The design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.