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IH Cooker
  1- Strong fire power and high heat efficiency

It can heat a pan on the IH cooker like a heater with strong fire power and heat efficiency. The heating begins by switching ON, and it immediately cools down when it's switched OFF, leaving no heat remains.
With its high heat efficiency, energy loss can be reduced resulting in less electricity expense.
2- A safe design without using fire

Without using fire for cooking, it doesn't contaminate air. It cooks by heating a pan on the IH cooker. It's a safe cooker that prevents burns and gas leaks.
Equipped with a variety of security apparatus; an automatic turn-off function and an overheat prevention function.
3- Fuss-free cooking with easy operation

With a single key operation, it quickly heats up the oil to the appropriate temperature for deep frying.
Also, by using the cooking timer function, curries and stews which require a long cooking time can be made with ease.
Other functions: Equipped with a cooking timer, keys for boiling water and deep frying.
Model number HC-112
Rating 100 V
Rated power consumption 1300W
Color Black/ White
Outer dimensions (mm) Width approx. 320 ~ Depth approx. 370 ~ Height 67.8
Tentative price 22,000 yen (price before tax)@23,100 yen (price after tax)