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Electronic Calculator ( LIMITED EDITION )
Electronic calculator for people with "competency". LIMITED EDITION.

A LIMITED EDITION of the amadana electronic calculator has made its debut.
Brown is used for its body while the graphics of the alphanumeric characters and the frame are gold in this special version.
The color gold of the amadana logo, characters printed on the keys, and the frame surrounding the body is distinct on the brown body just for the LIMITED EDITION.
This is the Bemer's version. The brand is excellent in seeking materials and ranks high in quality. Rare sharkskin is selected for the material. Please enjoy the change in the unique texture as you continue to use it.
This is the front face of the case. This unique expression of the skin can be created by using only the abdominal part of a shark. Since the abdominal part of a shark is covered by hard scales, the skin must be removed carefully. The streamline of macula employed for the front face of the case is so rare that only a few pieces can be taken from a shark. It also requires a unique tanning process, which takes a very long time compared to the tanning of other leather-goods.
The case holds the amadana electronic calculator in between the front and the back cover. It is equipped with an easy-to-open and -close strap so that you can carry it anywhere. (The rubber strap for the actual product will be covered with the same leather as that used for the inside cover. It differs from the strap shown in the photo.)
You can see the embossed logo of Bemer's and amadana, the sign of collaboration, on the inside pocket of the case.
* Although it's not shown in the photo, there will be an inside pocket available in which to put name cards or memos.
* The strap will be covered with the same leather as that used for the inside cover.
* The specifications and design for the actual products may differ from those shown in the photos.
This is the "Orobianco" version. The brand represents Milan for their beliefs in manufacturing with skilled techniques. Punching (embossed) finish is repeated to bring out the rich taste in the front face of the soft calfskin. Orobianco has also focused on the details adding the Orobianco's embossed logo and the beautiful stitches. You're sure to appreciate the fine Italian craftsmanship.
The punching (emboss) finish on the front face of the case is added to bring out the rich texture of the calfskin. It holds the electronic calculator gently and it fits snuggly into your hand.
Shaped like a bag, it covers the amadana electronic calculator when you insert the product into the case. The insertion slot is creatively shaped to prevent the electronic calculator from falling off or from being scratched by objects inside your bag.
(The insertion slot of the case is slightly curved so that the electronic calculator can be inserted easily.)
Embossed logo of Orobianco is stitched on to the front face with the amadana logo sewed on to the back.
* The specifications and design of the actual product may differ from those shown in the photos.
Bemer's is a brand established by Stefano Bemer*1 and his elder brother Mario. The brand is famous for manufacturing comfortable shoes with beautiful appearance made of top quality leather. Their excellent techniques are also employed in making other leather-goods as well. Their traditional and sophisticated lines of products require the skilled craftsmen's ideal, which can be seen in every product of this brand. Maintaining the handmade concept, they employ both the product quality and comfort created by craftsmen, as well as the elegance to match all ages. Bemer's opened its shop in Aoyama on October 30, 2004 for the first time in Japan and is attracting a broad cross-section of people. Their wide range of brilliant manufactured goods will be expanded to include other products as well.

*1 Being trained by a retired shoemaker, he began his career as a cobbler and opened a "bottega" (custom-made shoes store) in Florence when he was only 23 years old.

Exploiting his experience in cobbling, he learned about the designs and the patterns of shoemaking from the basics. His beautiful shoes have been acclaimed by celebrities and artists worldwide ever since.

His talents and creativity led him to create art works other than shoes, some of which have exhibited in the DA Gallery in Vitrochiano, Italy since 1996 as a permanent exhibition.

Orobianco is a factory brand on the rise established by Giacomo Valentini and Elosa Lovati in Milan, Italy. Based on their concept of "made in Italy", the brand believes in the stringent selection of high quality materials and manufacturing techniques by Italian craftsmanship. Fashionable items created with timeless sophisticated designs are loved by people from all over the world. Orobianco is also famous for creating their own materials and parts, unique for a handbag manufacturer, and of course their passion and loyalty for manufacturing is infused into each item.
he package of the amadana electronic calculator LIMITED EDITION
The collaboration logo with amadana stamped on the package of the LIMITED EDITION.
The logo is gold stamped.
Inside the package of the LIMITED EDITION, the amadana electronic calculator and the leather case is fitted into a sponge cushion covered with a suede-like sheet.
For your competency

We have reviewed the functions that a calculator should have. This product can be an encouraging partner to satisfy all your needs.
<Unique unit conversion functions>

"How many square meters is 30 tsubo?"
"How many kilometers is 500 miles?"

This calculator is equipped with unparalleled 10 unit conversion functions to make these simple conversions.

cm (centimeter) in (inch)
ft (foot) m (meter)
mi (mile) km (kilometer)
yd (yard) m (meter)
(tsubo) m2 (square meter)
ft2 (square foot) m2 (square meter)
oz (ounce) g (gram)
gal (gallon) l (liter)
lb (pound) kg (kilogram)
(centigrade) F (Fahrenheit)

<Currency conversion functions>

This product is equipped with currency conversion functions required for business people who travel abroad. Input the current currency rate, and you can easily convert currencies.
< Superb design and size>

It is not too thick or too thin, while sufficient key pitch is maintained. The size of this electronic calculator is meticulously designed to combine practicality with portability. This calculator feels really great when you hold it; it's a sensation you can't get with other calculators.
<Rich 12-digit display>

The amadana electronic calculator can display up to 12 digits (100 billion!). It is also equipped with various tax calculation functions to respond to the needs of professionals such as accountants, buyers, and clerks.
Loyalty of people with competency

We want our users to have fun using our product precisely because it is just a simple calculator.
Comfortable moments for your daily life.
<Great feeling>

This calculator feels great when you hold it.
It has the best weight designed considering portability.
<Light key touch>

The key tops have slight dents to fit the shapes of your fingers for quick typing. The unique key touch will certainly give you satisfaction.
<Hugging texture>

The special rubber coating on the surface creates soft, stylish usability, the silver frame creating a beautiful contrast.
<Rich 12-digit display>

The amadana electronic calculator can display up to 12 digits (100 billion!). It is also equipped with various tax calculation functions to respond to the needs of professionals such as accountants, buyers, and clerks.
Model number LC-104EXB (Limited to 500 units) LC-104EXR (Limited to 500 units)
Color Limited color Limited color
Price 37,800 yen (price before tax: 36,000 yen) 23,100 yen (price before tax: 22,000 yen)
Power supply Built-in solar battery@/ One(1) button-type battery (LR44)
Case material Sharkskin Calfskin
Manufacturer of the case Made by Bemer's Made by Orobianco
Outer dimensions (mm) Width 94 x Height 166 x Thickness 12.6 Width 94 x Height 166 x Thickness 12.6
Weight Approx. 150 g Approx. 150 g
Other functions 1. Thin body of 12.6 mm for easy storage in your pocket
2. Equipped with 10 unit conversion functions
3. Equipped with currency conversion functions
Note: The design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.