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Cooking Timer
1. Fun to watch graphics

ount the number of blocks as they fall down in various shapes. It's more like a sandglass than a timer!
The number of blocks piled at the bottom indicates the time passed .

2. Unique set/start buttons

Once you have set the timer, it can easily be started just by turning around the body .

3. Mode change-over switch

Press the mode change-over switch to display the exact time passed.
An easy-to-read display with large digital numbers can be read even at a distance.
Model number MT-123
Power Supply Two(2) button type batteries
Color Black (B) / White (W)
Outer dimension (mm) Width approx. 54 ~ Depth approx. 24 ~ Height approx. 54
Tentative price 5,250 yen (price after tax) 5,000 yen (price before tax)
Time of release June, 2006