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Air Purifier
With minus ions system that produce the pleasant room environment

The clean air with minus ions that often generate near forests and waterfalls refreshes you and delivers the pleasant breeze to your room.
Equipped with a "high-performance HEPA filter" that catches dust effectively.

It is equipped with a "high-performance HEPA filter" and "Ag (silver) Air filter" that catches 99.97% of dirty air-borne micro particles such as cigarette smoke and pollen. With double filters, your space will be clean and pleasant.
*1 Test results of the cleaning function of a single filter with 0.3-micrometer particles. These results do not apply to the whole room.
Equipped with gAg (silver) Air (Deodorized) filterh that inactivates virus and germs

gAg (silver) Air (Demoralized) filterh keeps the air of your room clean by inactivating virus and germs and also good for deodorizing the room.
*1 Testing body: Japan Food Research Laboratories Testing Method: JIS Z2801 (Anti-bacterial products - antibacterial activity test method/ antibacterial effect)

This is the product for people like below
One for the living room where family gathering around

When people gather, the air will be polluted with germs and virus.
This product is for people who concern about their health.
For Smokers

gSmokers have been feeling timid recently because of the current trend of non-smoking movement. This is the product for smokers like above. With turbo mode, nicotine, particle of tar and the smell will be deodorized immediately. You donft have to care about non-smokers around you anymore.
For Pollen allergy

If you are chronically allergic to pollen, this might be the best cure for you. Strongly catch the finely pollen and clean the air right away. Meanwhile by generating minus ion into the air, you can enjoy and feel the refreshment.
For babies

This is the product for household with babies who have weak power of resistance. Many people begin to present air purifiers to congratulate the birth of babies.
Sound of motor at silent mode is only 24db. The product silently purifies the air of the room with babies who are sensitive to noise.
For Pet owners

This product absorbs coasts, ticks and dust of dogs and cats and also the odor of pets strongly.

This is the product for places like below
Cafe, Apparel shop, beauty salon and restaurant

The air of shops where a lot of people are in and out and canft ventilate frequently tends to be filthy.
The air purifier that designed not to diminish the existing sight. This is the product that people want the most.
Office, reception room and meeting room

The office environment where hard to ventilate and irruption of plus ion from PC and electric devices is never being ideal space for human living.
This product produces the refreshing space with minus ions while keeping the air clean.
Buildings newly constructed, addition and betterment

This product powerfully eliminates the particular smell that radiates from newly constructed, addition and betterment buildings.
We recommend this product for health of people send long time in the space.
Hotel Guest rooms

Many hotels begin to have purification systems and humidifiers in the guest rooms.
This is product recommended for designed hotels and high-class hotels.
Model number PA-101
Color Black (B) / White (W)
Price 23,100 yen (price before tax 22,000 yen)
Rating 100 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Effective Floor Square from 12tatami mats (from 20m square) with turbo 13tatami mats
Outer dimensions (cm) Width 42.5 X Depth 15.5 X Height 43.0
Weight Approx. 4.1kg
Replacement of filter every 2 years *1
Length of power code 2.0m
Fan motor Turbo motor; electrical requirements (W) 50/53 : airflow (m3/min.) 3.1
Standard motor; electrical requirements (W) 46/48 : airflow (m3/min.) 2.7
Silent motor: electrical requirements (W) 22/20 : airflow (m3/min.) 1.1/0.9
Other functions 1) Triple motor changing mode (turbo/standard/silent)
2) Minus ion ON/OFF switch
3) Remote control / Off timer function (2hours)
4) Safety continuous run turned off function

*Even after turning off the switch, it requires about 0.8W by plaguing.
*1 Test result according to JEM1467 (Standards of the Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association)