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Toaster Oven
  1- Compact in size but wide inside

We all want to make efficient use of the limited kitchen space. Since this vertical toaster oven with 2 trays has a thin body, it doesn't occupy much space, but has wide space enough for making 2 slices of toast at a time.
2- Taste of natural wood material and a half-mirrored finder glass

Walnut, a material mainly used for luxurious furniture is employed to the handle. Its beautiful curve is created one by one with craftsmen's own hands. Also, equipped with a half-mirrored finder glass, it efficiently reflects the lights of the heater inside the oven so that the heat can be equally reached to every part. The inside of the oven can be seen only when it is used due to the brightness of heat, and can not be seen when it is not used. A beautiful living space can be realized.
3- Make cooking a pleasure with LED bar display and digital sound

Turn the digital timer to set the correct cooking time. The time is displayed by the LED bar. The LED light will disappear one by one every minute. This countdown can easily be seen from a distance, showing the excitement of waiting until it's ready to be hot from the oven. The digital clink tells you that it is ready.
[Other functions]: Maximum15 minutes cooking time, equipped with a microcomputer timer and an overheating prevention sensor.
Model number TT-111
Rated voltage 100V
Rated power consumption 1000W
Color Black / White
Outer dimensions (mm) Width approx. 230 ~ Depth approx. 265 ~ Height approx. 320
Tentative price 15,000 yen (price before tax)@15,750 yen (price after tax)